The King of Cottage Kittens

It has been an eventful winter, having 10 – yes – TEN kittens romping around.  We have gone through hundreds of pounds of kitty litter – and I can honestly state that Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter is by far the best on the market.  If you haven’t tried it – I highly recommend it.

Onto some mewsings:

1-21-14 Yegor, our King (sire) is one happy/contented guy.  Watching him care for his family is intriguing.  After he has been allowed to  mate with one of the queens, he becomes quite protective; grooming her and sleeping with her.  As the chosen queen proceeds with her gestation, Yegor stays close.  As she starts to nest and prepare for the delivery – he always spends time in the nesting/queening bed, leaving his scent for mama and soon to come babies.

Once the litter is born, he will check in; just a brief look and a few chirps Yegor checks inand he is satisfied that all is well.  He will not visit again for quite a while, but he does stay close to the room where mama and babies are residing.

After a few weeks, and the kittens have opened their eyes, he will take more interest in his offspring.  At this point, I move the mother and  kittens to the “toddler room” where they have safety and freedom to learn to walk, eat etc.  About this time, Yegor starts to get quite love.. he even seems really proud!  I have also noticed that he will sometimes move a kitten/litter to a more secluded spot.  Yegor’s real support and help take front stage once the kittens are beginning to be weaned.

When mama cat escapes to the high spots in the Yegor takes over the kidshouse in order to get away from hungry kittens, Yegor steps in and takes over parenting.  He will bathe, nap, play and  fight with his kids and it can get a little rough at times.  It has been a privilege to observe the Siberian father tend to his family.  Yes, I have to say Yegor is a good dad.  We are very fortunate at Cottage Kittens to have such a superb cat as King!

Of course – there is a whole other side to him…..but that is another story for later!!  IMG_0048

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Introductions – Welcome to Cottage Kittens!

Hello and welcome to my Siberian blog page. I must state right up front that I am a novice to blogging – so hang in there as I figure this out!

Introductions are in order:
nMe – I am the sole human in this household. I am allergic to cats and have had a passionate love for them ever since my first cat “Boots” was given to me at the tender age of four. She was a gentle tuxedo and she and I were inseparable. Then – 5 years later, my heart was broken for the first time as she was given away due to my increasing allergies.

Marfa – Marfa on Porchmy first Siberian kitten and I fell in love immediately and was soon to discover that Siberian cats are not like other cats!  She was born to be Queen and never lets us forget it!  She introduced me to the tight-wire walking, high jumping, and zany personality of the Siberian.  Unlike other cats, she didn’t hide when people came to visit and we grew our cattery together.

Yegor – our King joined us several months later and he and Marfa became fast-fFall Ruffriends.  I had worried about the introduction of an intact male into my home – and Yegor has never caused a problem.  He is a big love-bug and takes care of all his ladies with tenderness and intensity!

Next to join our growing cottage clan was Queen Kisa.  She is a stunning IMG_0037_2black smoke and is the mother to us all. A soccer player and avid mouse fetcher – she keeps us all on our toes.  As Marfa was born to be Queen, Kisa was born to reconcile.  She will care for  all the kittens and help keep the peace if fur gets ruffled.

The most recent addition to Cottage Kittens is Szabina.  She scampers and playsSzabina hide and seek with all – her kittens included!  And she is known as the resident kitty thief, as she has been known to “borrow” other queens’ kittens to add to her own litter!

Currently, we have 3 kittens that are  7 weeks old and just discovering the big wonderful world beyond mama Mafa.  Szabina is in labor and will be adding her beautiful kittens into the mix!  So we will have a house-full of kittens to love and enjoy and  I cannot think of a better way to spend these chilly winter evenings!

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